Artist Spotlight:

Amanda Degraffenreid

I Heart Campfires!

The smell of a campfire, any campfire, always stops me in my tracks. It has been that way all of my life. Or maybe just my adult life, but I think probably always. I certainly love sitting and enjoying a campfire. The warmth, the beauty, the crackling sound, the light, the unpredictable nature of its flames, but most of all the smell. If I could send you that scent through this computer this very instant, I would. Chances are if you are here, you like it too.

What is it about that smell though? I mean really. When I think about campfires, I recall a handful of memories that all happened in my teenage years. They are like blurry polaroids buried deep inside my mind. The memories involved close friends and belly laughs, beer and cigarettes, trucks and a creek bed. Or a piano. We burned a piano in the front yard once. That’s another story.

I know certain scents can transport you to a different time, but my love of a campfire is different than that. It doesn’t transport me to a particular time, it transports me to a feeling. Mostly I think a campfire smells like adventure and freedom laced together in one intoxicating scent.

We have a beautiful fire pit at my house that my husband, Bryan, created for our family. It was a total labor of love. Honestly, deep down I know he built it just for me. And while he enjoys sitting there, no one spends as many hours sitting there as I do. I like sitting there in the evening when the fire is burning. I love sitting there in the early morning when the hot embers are barely smoking. It is the perfect spot to daydream. I do my best planning and thinking there. It’s where the idea for this business was born.

campfire inkCampfire Ink is a line of shirts design and screen printed by me. These shirts will celebrate that sense of adventure and freedom, family, and some of life’s simple pleasures like campfires. I will share what I am designing with the hopes that will inspire you to live a life you love.

So welcome to you, my new friend, pull up a chair around my campfire, breathe in that smell and join me on this new adventure!