Artist Spotlight:

Richard Roden

Staying outside my comfort zone.

I have enjoyed creating things for as long as I can remember. As a kid, my cousin and I used to draw race cars at our grandparent’s house while they watched TV.

One of my design teachers in college always told us to “find your comfort zone, then move out of it.” So taking that advice to heart, I don’t like to limit myself to any one style or medium. Over the years that philosophy has resulted in a range of creative projects … from fine art and crafts to books, t-shirts, music, and even a comic strip.

Now I prefer to build new projects from old items, like signs, parts or old wood pieces that I sell under the StrangeRat Creations name. Though I still do a lot of the other stuff as well, which I hope to be adding to this site over the next few months.

Otherwise, I am a husband and father of 2, and I work as a creative director for a local marketing agency. I also founded TwoFour Creative, so I truly hope you enjoy the site and all the artists that are featured here. Thanks!